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    Pubtime: 2011-09-16

  China Center for Pharmaceutical International Exchange(CCPIE), as an independent institutional legal unit, is a publicorganization affiliated to the State Food andDrug Administration (SFDA), It is composed of four divisions: the Division of General Affairs, the Division ofExternal Cooperation, the Division of Consulting, and the Division of Exhibition.

  Major responsibilities and business scope of the CCPIE are:

  Cooperating with foreign countries, centering on the functions of SFDA, and communicating with the medical & pharmaceutical circle in Hong Kong,Macao and Taiwan;

  Carrying out non-governmental exchange and cooperation with other countries, and implementing the international exchange and cooperation programs with enterprises,scientific units, social organizations, social funds and other foreign institutions;

  Receiving visits and individuals related to medicines, medical devices and health food from abroad, and organizing visits and training delegations in foreign countries/areas for domestic people;

  Holding international exhibitions and conferences in the fields of medicines, medical devices health food, pharmaceutical machinery, pharmaceutical packaging machinery and analytical instruments, and providing relevant technical and consulting services;

  Acting for drug administrative protection business (the affiliated organization, Huake Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property Consultative Center, holds the responsibility), and applying for passports and visas for staff of SFDA and its affiliated organization in Beijing;

  Undertaking other works assigned by SFDA.

  Since itsinception in 1989, CCPIE has been involved extensively inforeign exchange and cooperation , establishing cooperation with non-governmentalgroups, academicorganizations and consulting agencies in more than twenty countries/areas, CCPIEhas successfully heldten cessions of CHINA PHARM, building a displaying platform for advanced facilities in the world. It has held nearly 100 international seminars, forums, summits and symposiums, providing the consultation services in laws and regulations, and registration of drugs, medical devices, and health food. CCPIE has promoted not only the communication between enterprises and government, but also the cooperation among pharmaceutical enterprises in China and foreign countries.

  CCPIE is willing to work with friends all over the world to make a better future for for the health of human beings and the development of the pharmaceutical industry.

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